4 thoughts on “Nice Shades

  1. I think Green in the first panel is actually complimenting Blue’s *lamp*shades, not his glasses.

    So blue buys lampshade-shades to impress Green, but once again, Green only cares about the shade-shaped lampshades behind him, which is a shame if you ask me.

  2. The man in blue is a metaphor for my true self, whilst the green man represents myself caught up in worldly desire. The way in which the blue man is sidestepped for these worldly desires represents how I undervalue my true self, and, following this, my true self might change to get my superficial self’s attention. Yet, he still is sidestepped. The cycle will most likely proceed until my true self has been so significantly morphed beyond recognition.

    Or, the blue guy is having an identity crisis.

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